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30 Squadron RAAF - Beaufighter Association
Welcome Address by Bob Martin, President Print E-mail

This is the brand new website dedicated to 30 Squadron RAAF,
a long range Beaufighter Attack Squadron of World War II

Released to the public 31 January 2012, this website is a work in progress with lots of new unpublished items to be released over the next twelve months.  Please be patient with our menus as they may change during this time.  We have many dozens of
rare unpublished articles and many hundreds of never seen before photos taken during the war around New Guinea and New Britain to display.  Please bookmark our site and come back to see this space grow!

If you would like to submit stories, photos, personal documents or write articles for our website, please click on contacts in the menu running down the left side then submit the form.
  If you do not receive a response please contact us via the message centre under 'Contact' low down in the menu on left side of our website.  Articles We Seek also provide some ideas for articles we are seeking to publish on the website.

President of 30 Squadron RAAF Beaufighter Association

elcome to the 30 Squadron RAAF Beaufighter Association Website.

30 Squadron was formed at RAAF Richmond in 1942 and equipped with the famous and very formidable attack Beaufighter, a two man crewed fighter aircraft.

This was a long time ago but we hope you will learn more about this remarkable aircraft and the men who risked their lives to fly them as you track through our website.

Our unit served continuously throughout World War II in Papua-New Guinea and the Pacific region, and was the only fighter squadron to do so without being relieved.

Approaching seventy years since its beginning, it is obvious that many of our World War II veterans are no longer with us, or are very old.   Smart thinking and forward planning led our Committee to the conclusion that, if our Association was to survive well into the future, we needed enthusiastic younger members to carry on our legacy.   So it was that post-war 30 Squadron members, sons and daughters of former Squadron members and other interested people were encouraged to join us.   So much so that our present Committee belong to that group and the remainder are World War II veterans.

Our membership remains strong and active and we distribute hundreds of ten page Newsletters to our members and associates at least twice a year.  You will learn of our major annual functions as you browse through the web, and why our Squadron is so important to acknowledge as we enjoy the liberty we have today.  Our supporters have produced a feature documentary film, available on DVD, entitled "Beaufighter Squadron World War 2".  It is now marketed by SBS Television and is available at Bookstores and Aircraft Museums.   This gives a wonderful insight into our war-time activities and the lethal capabilities of the aircraft as well as the performance of our aircrews. The Beaufighter had very powerful engines, and being extremely delicate to manoeuvre on take off, this combination too often lead to catastrophic accidents when aircraft had to be airborne quickly in varying conditions in darkness or daylight.

Some of the content you will read will be very personal and occasionally intimate in detail. The experiences of our airmen and their wonderful ground crews were personal.  While missing their families and the comforts of home, the men lived in conditions that were one day hot and dry and the next humid. The camp was often flooded and became very muddy for which New Guinea can be known.  The war was an undecided outcome, sometimes closer to defeat than to victory, and this played heavily in their minds as they went about their daily business.

These personal accounts have been kindly provided by the authors and the beneficiaries of these correspondences and photographic accounts to make this website something I believe is more comprehensive and unique than you will currently find elsewhere on the Internet.

If I may, I invite you to view our shop from time to time.  There you will find some rare and collectible items. All money raised in shopping with us goes towards maintaining our website, increasing our content and our service to you.  We are happy for you to display and wear these items as a show of support to which we are eternally grateful.

I commend this website to you and we are always happy to receive any comments, information, memorabilia or even queries you may have.  Simply click on the ‘Contact Us Now’ icon for details.

Bob Martin
30 Squadron RAAF Beaufighter Association